Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Revenge is ours...

We have recently been receiving a form of hate mail. This may not be intentional, but frankly, being sent lots of photos of people having a good time in woods on bikes, skydiving, attending lovely community feasts and festivals, while we are still being rained upon, is a form of hate mail.

Last weekend we did this...

This was our first camp site and, yes, it was very cold in the morning but it soon warmed up.

We camped in this valley on the second night, near a rather nice pub that serves excellent home brewed beer.

And Blue came too - naturally. He carried his own bed, bowl, food, and a coat for those cold nights out.

For two days we had glorious weather, sun, mountains, camped out, no rain, friends and family. Like I said, REVENGE!

Angus had a rather fun time staying with Granny. All he said about the weekend was, "Stars." Okay...?

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The Gutsy Mom said...

A kid-free weekend???? I am impressed, and a little jealous. Also, that is a stunning photo of Blue. Miss you!