Monday, 7 October 2013

Hurray - got my computer back! And LOTS of stuff has happened...

I left my computer in Macclesfield by mistake in early August and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED SINCE THEN! Now that I have it back I have this huge mental pile of news to unload. By now my mum will be saying to her computer as she reads this, "But you got your computer back two weeks ago." Yes, I know, Mum, but that is all part of the news.

In summary:
Summer holidays

Warm, sunny, in Macclesfield, then home with a scary amount of sorting, throwing, recycling, work, and gardening.

Visitors (could there be some connection with the previously listed activities?): Great Granny Dorothy, Grandma, Grandpa, Jo and two of her boys.


Masses of veg from the garden.


Scotland with more climbing, play, Jo with husband and all four boys (young men), Grandma and Grandpa and some sun.

Angus started year 2 and Isla moved into morning nursery.

Angus turned 7. Oh my goodness.

Angus ran the Great North Mini Run again this year.

Angus became a Beaver

Isla ran the Great Scottish Mini Run as she couldn't get in to the North Run.

They have so far raised over over £250 for St Clare's hospice..

Masses of veg.

Chutney making due to the masses of veg.

Jam making due to the superfluity of fruit.

Freezer overload.

We grew a monster in the back garden.

Ken has started running a cub group hence I haven't been able to get on my computer. He has been hogging it for a couple of hours each evening to produce emails or paperwork, or he has been trying to figure out why our printer has spontaneously stopped printing black. Then magenta. Last night the yellow didn't work.

I have been running around finding stuff for the cubs.

Somewhere in all that I had a birthday and was given a groovy new camera by my Mum - thanks Mum!

Okay, so you want pictures. Here they are - if the internet works. That is yet another reason why I haven't done anything in the last two weeks: it keeps shutting down again, usually just when I have the time, inclination and access to the laptop. As a village we are trying to do something about it. Honest.
Isla in Glasgow having finished the Great Scottish Run: 1500m in 12 minutes.
Being invested
Not many Dads have the privilege of investing their own son and passing on the tradition. Third generation Scout in the making.
Me and Angus in the Great North Mini Run. We are there...
First day back at school. Better front door than the picture last year!
Masses of veg and Isla's favourite activity: picking mangetout. She cried today when I dug them out and she realised there wouldn't be any more until next year.
Great Grandma Dorothy visiting.
We all had a wonderful few days at the Great Dorset Steam Fair helping run Douglas's engine and Dad's roller. Angus and Isla got filthy, oily, happy, and made wonderful memories.
With Graham and Liam exploring our Roman heritage.
Not very fierce or scary. Quite cute for a Roman Soldier really.
The marshmallow eating in Torridon went better this year. More experience clearly.
Angus finally worked out how to climb. But we did have problems getting him down again...Hence the back rope!   

10 feet tall, still growing and still flowering. Our monster sunflower (and Angus) last Sunday. 

 There, catharsis. That does feel better. Not so much detail but then that is probably better, right? Are we all up to date now?


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