Thursday, 28 March 2013

12 Hours and Counting (and why I didn't blog yesterday!)

This time tomorrow I will be on the plane and about to land in Dakar. I will be flying over Senegal. To be honest, as with many big events, the reality of the trip seems so far removed from what I am doing now, that it is somewhat too big to grasp. Tomorrow could carry on as normal, but it won't. I will wake up on the UK and go to sleep in Africa. In Gambia. You see? A big difference and too much for my little brain to really grasp. At least I have made myself do the packing, and write lists.

Lists are really important: at least I have some reassurance that most of the jobs have been done and most will happen while I am away. Mind you, between Ken, his parents and my Mum I don't think the children will get bored, starve, go hungry. Ken will hopefully look after himself. Although having said that, the second week I am gone when Ken is on his own he has threatened to survive on his favourite diet; it consists of foods beginning with the letter "p": pasta, pasties, pizza, potatoes, pies, peas. It kind of works.

I am wondering what will happen while I am in Africa. I am wondering how I will react to the differences that I will see. I am wondering what I will learn through all this and how I will change. I am wondering how I will relate all this back to Ken and the children. I am wondering what God will say to me and whether I will end up working out just what I am meant to be doing in the future. I am wondering if that will even seem relevant or important.

Right now I am just wondering about a lot of things.

I had intended to give you a sort of "countdown blog" of my trip, but then yesterday evening whilst packing I remembered that I was meant to start my Malarone yesterday (anti-malaria). So I took a tablet. I didn't notice that it was meant to be taken with food or milk. Suffice it to say that I haven't eaten much today and am still feeling a bit nauseated. I will NEVER again forget to take my Malarone with food.

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