Monday, 18 February 2013

The Transformation Begins

There are times when I love our house: it is spacious, has a wonderful view and lots of things that I love. There are times when I feel the need to apologise for it. I mean, let's face it, the front of the house looks like a tip most of the time: the garden is a mud patch, albeit a very fertile mud patch. Last year we may have harvested our potatoes from June until August and didn't need to buy any more until the week before Christmas, but that doesn't detract from my need to apologise to people for our house looking unkempt, neglected and just plain messy. I mean, have you seen the porch? Oversized, mismatched and rotten.


Today the builder arrived. He bravely climbed on the porch and began the dismantling. The roof was soaked through and a large part of it crumbled in his hands as he tried to lift it off.

The glass was carefully removed with Angus watching safely from a distance, fascinated and also disappointed that he wasn't using a bonfire in the style of Fred Dibnah, or a wrecking ball.

Then the builder removed the rubbish, went for lunch and left us wondering where he had gone to (quite typical for British builders.) So we decided to complete the job ourselves: out came the boots, gloves, three hammers, a muckle great big splitting axe and two excited children (and one quite happy Mummy too!)

A split second later that entire wall came down.
And push! Great team work. Do you see that rock in mid flight?
Job done. The builder returned, smiled and offered to clear up all our mess! He's back tomorrow to replace the front door panel. Then the rebuild, everything from the top windows down. Good eh?

The house looks better already. Although there is still the matter of the mud patch to sort out.  We have plans, though, honestly we do!

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