Friday, 13 July 2012

Where have we been?

To be honest, no-where exciting. We have been in a kind of hibernation like most of the UK. If you are reading this and live in the UK you will know exactly what I mean; if you don't, we have had the coldest, darkest and wettest April and June on record and May wasn't much better. Like most of the people who live in the UK, we are feeling glum, lethargic, grumpy and desperately in need of sunlight and warmth. It has been so damp that we have been lighting our stove some evenings partly to dry the laundry which has been going foosty before it dries. In July???!!! Yes, in July. How mad is that . Consequently, not much has happened that is blog-worthy, not many pictures have been taken and I haven't felt very creative anyway.

Despite all that, we have been fairly busy and taking advantage of any dry days on offer; the garden is finally growing although like all those trying to grow veg, it has been slow, the slugs have been happy and any damp-liking disease has been rampant. The potatoes, however, have done well. If you don't know about our potatoes, here they are with Ken harvesting them, in the pouring rain:

It may be somewhat unconventional to have potatoes growing on one's front garden, but it was such a mess and needed so much work, and with the front of the house needing a re-build next year, we figured a crop of potatoes was as good idea as any. The garden does face south after all and they taste lovely.

The back garden has really taken off. This is what we had last year:

And this is one year on:

It hasn't cost a lot of money but has taken a lot of time and help mostly from Ken's parents and Mark.

Yesterday Angus's school (another reason to live in Heddon!) had a visit from Dave Taylor (google him with the word "fridge", he is an amazing chap) who was nominated to carry the Olympic torch. He brought his torch with him and all the children paraded around the village in pretend country groups (Angus, arbitrarily but appropriately was placed in Germany) and then were allowed to have their photo taken. Here are Angus and Isla with the torch. Wow!

See, I told you we hadn't done much but at least you are up to date and I don't feel like I have been ignoring you all. 

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