Thursday, 13 January 2011

Back In the Land of the Living!

Finally, six weeks after moving house, we have the internet! I should probably blog some time to discuss just how socially-excluding life can be without the internet, and isn't it sad the we have become like this, and conversely just how amazing that we can keep in touch so easily with so many people, and so on. But I won't. I have just dealt with 100 emails and now need to go to bed and sleep.

Suffice it to say that moving was an adventure involving deep snow, frozen brakes, intrepid in-laws, ill children, long drives and amazing friends who stepped in just when we needed them. Christmas was in America and involved deep snow, family, no illness, skiing, and a wonderful time, and we have come back to no snow (except the heaps piled in corners yet to melt), my Mum staying for a few days, a second Christmas, and now we have the internet.

Life is moving on and I will share some photos with you soon. This weekend we are staying with my Dad who hasn't seen Isla and Angus since September so photos won't be until next week. In the meantime, Happy New Year and here's to a better year blogging than last year!

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