Thursday, 14 October 2010

Summer highlights

Now I know that it is well past summer so this is a bit late, but let's just say that I have been otherwise occupied!

I still don't know how to load up a slide show, so you will just have to tolerate inbedded photos and a large posting. The photos are from a somewhat delayed flying lesson which was for my 40th last year, our annual summer vacation in Scotland with the family, the Great Dorset Steam Extravaganza where my brother was showing his steam engine, Angus's birthday in Swanage with Grampa Steam, and a rather lovely day onboard Waverley paddle steamer for Grampa's 70th birthday and Ken's 40th.

Queen Victoria, my brother's engine, spent the five days powering a saw bench in a demonstration arena. Below, a four year old girl with the saw bench, decided that Isla needed accessorising!

Dad and Angus on QV. Angus is wearing his first boiler suit and is very proud of it! Needless to say, it had to be red.

Being Tom Cruise after my flyinh lesson. It was a gorgeous day and I had a fantastic time. Thanks Mum!

Angus and Isla blowing out birthday candles. As this was the day after the steam rally, a bakery had arranged the cake for us and a restaurant kindly let us have a small party there. People can be wonderful!

Earlier in the day we had been on the Swanage railway with my Dad, Jen my sister, Jackie, Ken and Isla. Angus did enjoy himself.

Angus and Graham on the beach earlier in the summer, and below, Ken and Isla taking a break from climbing with the Big Boy Cousins. We had lovely sunny weather for most of our hols this year and have already booked to go back. Christina, a neighbour from Germany joined us - I can highl recommend taking a nanny on holiday with you!

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