Saturday, 20 September 2008

Being a Single Mum - for a weekend.

Ken is away this weekend. He went on Thursday afternoon and isn't coming back until Monday evening. He is walking in Scotland with two of his friends and they have decided that it should be a boys' weekend and so Angus and I aren't invited. Although Angus is a boy of course, it's just that his mountaineering skills are a little bit limited for what they are doing.

This has left me and Angus on our own. Blue was invited as he is also a boy (dog) and his mountaineering skills are up to scratch - and he carries his own stuff now that he has doggy panniers.

Thoughts on being a single Mum (for a long weekend).
  • The house is too quiet.
  • Is Ken okay? There is no phone reception where he is walking. Am I going to get a sympathetic, nervous knock on the door? It's okay when I am walking with them as I know what is going on and whether they are being too risky, but my imagination is somewhat vivid and too well informed (a symptom of being on a Mountain Rescue team for seven years).
  • I don't feel the need to do the washing up for some reason - unless I know there is a friend coming round.
  • It's great knowing that things will be where I left them and not randomly left lying round.
  • I don't have to clear up after Ken leaving his stuff lying everywhere.
  • I fluctuate between housework apathy and obsessive tidiness.
  • I can leave my scrapbooking stuff out and spend a lot of time indulging myself and not feel guilty.
  • I don't feel so inspired to do my scrapbooking - see first point.
  • I miss being hugged.
  • I like having the bed to myself - sort off. I like having the duvet not being pulled off me.
  • I miss not having the duvet being pulled off me.
  • I like the undisturbed sleep.
  • I find it difficult going to bed on my own.
  • I can cook random food and don't feel the need to cook a proper meal.
  • I feel like I am cheating when I don't cook properly and miss the need to cook healthily.
  • I miss not having Ken coming home and taking over looking after Angus for a while.
It's just as well that this is only for a short period of time. I have been thinking a lot about my friends who have husbands on Really Long Business Trips. They both have small children as well and their husbands are away for a Really Long Time. Could I adjust to that? Maybe, (see point 2) but I am really glad that I don't have to. I can see that I would have to keep my days well structured in order to keep the momentum going. I can also see that it could be too easy to stagnate and become a slob. Just as well that I have a little bundle of energy running around wanting to be entertained. He keeps talking about Daddy and Blue. Fortunately he saw Mark arrive to collect Ken and he also remembers Mark, so it has been easy to tell him that Daddy and Mark have gone for a Really Long Walk - with Blue.

Hhhmmm - what shall I do tomorrow? Ah, Sunday. Church followed by what, I wonder? No dog to walk, no housework needing doing, no laundry, paperwork up to date. I shall scrapbook. Excellent. Hope the sun shines and I feel inspired!

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