Friday, 8 August 2008

Okay, so I haven't written in ages. What have we been up to? The list includes exam marking, report writing, taking an exam myself, closely followed by a somewhat wet and eventful visit from friends from Germany that culminated in a trip to London (see The Duffys' Blog) and a few days in Germany ourselves. I did then have a few days of peace, if you can call an increasingly belligerent toddler peaceful, but that was all shattered by 12 days of rain, canvas and smelly Scouts. Yes, the annual pilgrimage to Scotland for Scout Camp. Sadly we have few pictures of said camp due to my husband's belief that we should use rechargeable batteries, and my camera's belief that they really aren't worth the insertion. But I have attached a few pictures for perusal.

It was Ken's birthday in June. He has been restoring this car in his "spare time" for a while. I arranged for it to be insured, serviced, taxed and MOTd for his birthday. Here he is with Angus proving that it really is a perfectly sensible car to own as car seat and buggy do fit in! Angus loves it and they went for a short jaunt around Macclesfield that evening just because they could.

This is Scotland. Yes, the sun does shine in the Britain sometimes, and yes, it really was warm enough for Angus to go skinny dipping. Just try telling him that he can't play in water! He ended up wading in up to his waist and splashing anyone close enough, including the dog. Oh, where were we? Loch Ken!

This really is the best way to have a bath. Hot water courtesy of my brother's steam engine, tin bath from his old caravan (over 100 years old caravan) and sunshine from up above. As you can imagine, Angus was very happy and played until the water was cool and he was shivering (don't tell the Germans!).

My Dad being a very proud Grandfather, with Angus at the controls of my brother's steam engine, Queen Victoria. She is over 100 years old and is still fully functioning having had a complete rebuild this winter. We were at a steam engine rally for the weekend and Angus loved it - tractors, engines, model steam trains to ride on, fair ground rides doting Grandparent, sunshine and beer! What more could a little boy want.

One of the few pictures from Scotland scout camp. This one is more typical of Scotland, sadly, as this was one of only three days when it didn't rain in a twelve day camp. You can see that we have erected drying lines for obvious reasons! We had a lot of fun but it was a bit too long in the rain under canvas and difficult to keep Angus happy and entertained. But, he was happy 90% of the time and we had a couple of wonderful scouts who liked playing with him and I think the entertainment was mutual!

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