Saturday, 1 March 2008

Frankenstein walks again...

Okay, so not exactly Frankenstein (or his monster, to be more exact), but, yes, Angus has finally developed the confidence to let go and stride out on his own! We are naturally, as are all sane parents, delighted. So chuffed, in fact, that we got out the camera on video setting and recorded it for posterity. Angus is also chuffed and walking around the house bringing us things, terrorising the poor dog, who now is less safe than ever, and beaming from ear to ear, as always.

Actually, we are really delighted. Although neither of us were concerned as it was obviously only a confidence thing and not inability, I was ready for Angus to move on, literally, to the next stage. There are all these things that you imagine doing as a Mum, and taking Angus walking was one of them. I wanted to be doing the walking things with him and not the pushing. Apart from anything, I was getting back ache from constantly bending over to hold his hand! Probably easier for my less tall friends.....

So, other than Angus walking, what else has been happening? Ken is still frustrated at the slowness and vagueness of his employers. He is still a bit unsure exactly what the parameters of his responsibility are and therefore exactly what he should be doing. Just when he thinks he has it pinned down, something or somebody changes them. He is hoping to be going to Germany in the next couple of weeks in order to work with his German counterparts of this but as always decisions are slow in coming and then happen all too fast.

I also went back to work yesterday. My first day's teaching in a British school for nearly two years! It was better than I expected. The school has a rough element to it but the classes I taught were not too bad. However, the teacher I was covering for must either have a somewhat warped sense of humour, or not have thought much about the poor teacher who was covering her lessons! So, let's think ... what subject would you not want to cover as a supply teacher? Hhhmmm ... oh yes! Periods!!!!! I kid you not, the teacher gave me Periods to teach to a mixed class of 12 year olds. Once we passed the "Just how embarrassed can you get a supply teacher to be?" phase of the lesson by me being more detailed and blase than they wanted me to be and thus embarrassing the asker, they were okay. But I really missed Angus and was glad to get back home where he was having a great day with my Mum who so was so excited having her Grandson around. It's working out much better having her living around the corner than we could have imagined. I probably owe her an apology really...

So, I will endeavour to be less tardy in my blogging now that the internet and our computer seem to have finally stopped arguing.

Have a great Mother's Day tomorrow.

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